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We craft websites, mobile apps & animations
that stand the test of digital time.

Innovation Is Thinking

At DATA, we think. Our planning, our design, and our programming teams think first about how the user will use the website or mobile app or training program. We innovate looking for better ways to communicate the message. Sometimes that means using a blend of old and new as the best solution for better communication.

DATA’s Snowballs Game

As a good catalyst for relaxing and reflecting, chill out, slow down, throw a few snowballs with (or at!) DATA’s team.


Recent Notes

DATA's Snowballs Game

The Snowballs Game got the whole team involved: architecture, graphics, audio, animation, and programming! Having willing subjects, we photographed,  illustrated, recorded, and animated everyone at DATA. We wanted the game to be easy to manage so built the game in an mvc style using RequireJS for compilation and minification. HandlebarsJS was used for view templating. EaselJS was used for canvas management, sound, and sprite sheet animations.

HTML5/WAI-ARIA compliant navigation

This issue probably requires much more investigation and we'll get to that in the future but busy bees we are so here is a quick post on updating the markup in your navigation menus. The CSS List menu web part does many things for our Kentico sites but the markup is inaccessible without changing source files and recompiling. While a daunting task for sure, it’s one we'd err in not attempting.

Using SignalR with Kentico

We recently used the new SignalR library with Kentico to create a real-time "wall" for the MS Society's new Micro-site, SignalR's asynchronous connections allow us to create a user experience that is much more dynamic and more engaging than a page that updates only when the site is refreshed.


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DATA, Inc. is located near I-25 and Colorado Blvd.