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We continue to build products and applications using our team’s experience and expertise. The pleasure of digital technology is its ever-changing landscape that compels development teams to learn more, to learn faster, and to learn which new systems and applications are worth learning.

  • Design

    Design is multi-faceted in its technical and artistic meanings. Essential digital design starts with how best to anticipate and serve the user. Digital design requires logic and understanding digital architecture: which elements are foundational, which elements are evolutionary, and which elements are intended for frequent changes. DATA begins each project confirming our understanding of the user and how the user can best access the information being presented.

    Compelling graphics including brand support and user focus is the unique Picasso factor in each development company. Designers can seize the moment and convert an impulse into action. Active use of a site or application is the definition of success in design. Continued use signals useful information or products. Design continues to watch those trends delivering fresh content to established and evolving user preferences. DATA’s Emmy Award winning design team is both technical and creative.

  • Web

    DATA's Web site and application software development expertise is expressed in desktop, laptop, and mobile device applications. We have a successful history with solutions that are well-planned and well-executed for ease-of-use and a long, flexible shelf life. Our successes are the result of navigating diverse technologies, carefully choosing the best fit for the right solution.

  • Mobile

    DATA’s team of specialists develops mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows environments. We’re skilled in digital creation for phones, tablets, and new devices as they arrive in the marketplace. Successful deployment of well designed and well executed applications delivers clients’ content into their users' hands quickly.

  • Animation

    Computer animation’s value is clear when complex information such as medical procedures, engineering structures, or innovative ideas for new inventions are translated into easy-to-understand stories told with pictures. Helping viewers to comprehend otherwise vague systems, processes, or new environments is the core value of animated images.

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  • Training

    DATA has developed online learning management systems (LMS) for training and education. Technologies such as motion graphics or 3D-computer animation, streaming video, blogs or forums, make learning easy and enjoyable. There are no limits to what can be taught, what can be learned, and what can be tested and evaluated. Interactive learning tools make the learning experience unique and personal for each student; online live video coaching or Webinars can make the experience a team effort.


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