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We provide solutions. Technology is our tool.

Meet the Team

Web and Software

DATA’s expertise in web and software development keeps up with current technologies to deliver the best possible solution to our clients. Our process is well thought out, with sessions of brainstorming, designing, wire-framing, prototyping and developing the final product. We always choose the best solution for the client which can include: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Section 508 Accessibility, React Js, Angular Js, ASP.NET, SQL, NoSQL and Kentico content management systems.

Mobile Application Development

DATA develops custom mobile applications using iOS and Android native development and cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Xamarin. Integration with external sources such as content management systems are often part of the solution, requiring API development and even interfacing with hardware at times. The bottom line is that we love a challenge and have the tools to solve it. We tailor every project to meet our client’s needs and deliver the most cost-effective and timely solution possible.


Whether our clients are looking to migrate an existing application to cloud services or want a new application built and hosted on a cloud platform, DATA has the experience to help them make the best decision for their budget and security requirements. We host everything from RMF compliant government websites to secure e-commerce solutions in Microsoft Azure, AWS, DevOps and more. We have the proven experience to determine and implement the best solution for our client’s needs every time.


DATA has worked on numerous embedded platform devices, from Linux controlled IoT devices to bare metal micro controller applications written in C. We have expertise in connecting IoT devices to a multitude of software systems, whether that is through Bluetooth, serial communication or TCP/IP. We have partnered with electrical engineering teams to develop custom hardware to fully address our customer’s needs.