Understanding the user is the objective of planning. Planners anticipate the user’s needs and commit those needs to tangible form. The final result acts as the information “blueprint” for development. Using technical skill to plan and build the digital structures for solutions to users’ needs is DATA’s expertise.



A successful user experience requires design that plans for the users’ ease in finding the information they need. Creating a network of information that can be easily navigated is the process of thinking, planning, and building successful applications. DATA’s experienced, Emmy Award winning team of engineers and information designers is technically innovative and abundantly creative.



Animated 3D-images illustrate how to use and understand complex systems, processes, or new environments in any industry or application. Viewers are able to comprehend quickly and return instantly to any section in the information to focus on areas of interest.



DATA's expertise in web application software, mobile applications, and website development keeps pace with the depth and velocity of digital technology. Our success lies in technical know-how and innovation. After confirming requirements, DATA carefully chooses the best solution for our clients.



Android, iOS, Windows or platform agnostic development is a DATA skill. Our engineers and information designers develop for phones, tablets, laptops, and new devices as they arrive in the marketplace. Well-executed applications help deliver digital tools and information to the user quickly.



Delivering online learning programs to students and teachers who want access to relevant information is the role DATA’s Learning Management System (LMS) plays. There are no limits to what can be taught, what can be learned, and what can be tested and evaluated. Lessons can be customized, updated, saved, archived, or submitted for review, grades, or certifications.



  • Government

    Government clients are integral to DATA’s business. We have 22 years of experience completing government contracts with government prime contractors and with government clients. Our interactive animation and programming work in conjunction with our video partner, Ferrari Films, has been recognized with multiple awards by the U.S. Air Force, other government agencies, and media organizations. (

  • Education

    Universities, colleges, high schools, middle and grade schools are using online programs and applications to teach, to inform, and to measure the effectiveness of their various efforts to reach students and the community at large. DATA’s experience in developing educational programs is the heart of our business and includes each of the industries in this section of our website. Our success has been to listen, to advise, to plan, and to develop programs that make use of interactive, visual content for ease of understanding by the viewer who can easily respond to the programs’ goals.

  • Healthcare

    Medical animation as well as interactive mobile applications have been the hallmarks of DATA’s medical and healthcare sites and programs. Our clients include universities, government agencies, and private practice doctors and clinics. Topics have included skin cancer, pregnancy, eye surgery, cardiology, knee arthroscopy, men’s health, women’s health, colon health, asthma, hearing, orthopedic injury and prevention, diabetes, and aids. Our programs have received multiple awards and some have appeared on Discovery Channel.

  • Transportation

    Transportation projects are aided exponentially using accurate specifications for 3D-computer animation as part of a transportation project plan. DATA has participated in virtual highway restructuring, airline concourse construction, airport expansion, new funicular rail systems, and virtual bus-and-rail systems modeling using composite video and “real” bus line footage to test the feasibility of an integrated system. Using well-engineered drawings, we’ve even tested the viability of new aerospace delivery systems in a reusable launch vehicle.

  • Architecture

    A revealing, cost-saving scenario occurred when architects for one of the concourses at the then new Denver International Airport were able to see carpet, podiums, columns, and light throughout the day in a virtual setting. The carpet was too busy and produced a sense of vertigo; the podiums were too tall by a few inches; the best column surface choice was stainless steel; and daylight was able to be managed better with better window design. The cost savings for architectural projects using 3D-computer animation is noteworthy. In the case of the airport concourse, savings from not having to relay carpet, re-tool podiums, re-surface columns, or redesign windows during construction were in seven figures.

    Other advantages using new visual technology allows prospective owners to see the view from various floors in new, unconstructed apartment or condo buildings. Using virtual cameras or, in some cases, real cameras mounted on drones, 360 views at variable heights can be added to a floor plan to make choosing a location, location, location easier and more fun.

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About Us

Our Work

DATA works with government and commercial professionals in education, medical, and engineering industries, including architecture, transportation, and space sectors. We plan, design, and develop secure 508 compliant web software applications, responsive websites, mobile applications, and program/learning management systems (PLMS) for interactive, online program management, learning, information delivery, marketing, advertising, and e-commerce.

Our hallmark is secure digital application software enhanced with interactive, 3D-computer animation, Emmy Award winning design, graphics, and video. We offer expertise in secure hosting with engineered IA/UI/UX architecture optimized for social media and search engine success.

We're expert planners who outline the priorities and confirm requirements. We’re intelligent problem solvers who build solutions that our customers use with consistent success.

Our Customers

DATA’s 28 years of experience with our customers has been a consistent clarification of our role: DATA's role is to plan, design, and build solutions that our customers can use with success.

Working closely with customers to define the goals and subsequent requirements of a project is the outcome of DATA’s expertise in planning. Design includes digital architecture for structural logic and user experience as well as Emmy award winning graphics and computer animation. Successful product development preceded by a solid foundation of planning and design is the formula for the excellent quality of our products.

Some enduring ideas remain fresh: “The customer's success is always right.” We are experienced producers and expert technicians who ensure that our customers can use the products we’ve developed to successfully reach their goals.